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30 Day Challenge & Fundraiser / Thanks-a-Brunch



The 30-Day Challenge and Fundraiser & Thanks-a-Brunch

You are invited to join the Unity Community for an empowering start to your 2022.

The new year is a popular time to initiate ideas for changing – lose weight, exercise, save money, be nicer. The Unity 30 Day Challenge is an opportunity to bring daily awareness into your life. It is a path to rise above fear and worry and to create new ways of being.

Here’s the way it will work:

Identify the habit or behavior that you want to modify, release, or add. Maybe you want to reduce added sugar or want to add exercise. Write it down with as much detail to help you get clarity.

Make a commitment to stay with the program through from January 1st to January 31st. Find your special jar. Decide how much money you want to put into the jar each day. Perhaps you decide on a $1.00. In the morning you put in your dollar and call to mind your desired results. Or maybe you put the money in the jar at night and reflect on how it went. Each week there will be an e-blast with power statements and ideas for Acts of Kindness.

Consciousness is all about bringing recognition into the now. The daily checking in with your stated desires is powerful. All through the month you will see your money growing. It is a reflection of the consciousness you are also growing.

The challenge will culminate on Sunday January 30th with an after service event "Thanks-A-Brunch!" at the church. You can drop off your financial contributions and stay for brunch or take it to go. Your giving is above your regular giving and meant to be an expression of your growth and gratitude for what has transpired for your over the previous 30 days.

The goal for the 30-Day 2021 Challenge is $5,000.00, which contributes to the anticipated annual fundraising. Here’s to your best year yet!

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