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A Positive Path

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Unity Hiking Group

  • 9 Mar 2024
  • 12 Oct 2024
  • 10 sessions
  • 9 Mar 2024, 10:00 AM (PST)
  • 13 Apr 2024, 8:30 AM (PDT)
  • 11 May 2024, 8:30 AM (PDT)
  • 8 Jun 2024, 10:00 AM (PDT)
  • 13 Jul 2024, 8:30 AM (PDT)
  • 27 Jul 2024, 8:00 AM (PDT)
  • 10 Aug 2024, 10:00 AM (PDT)
  • 24 Aug 2024 (PDT)
  • 14 Sep 2024, 10:00 AM (PDT)
  • 12 Oct 2024, 8:30 AM (PDT)
  • Various Locations


Unity Hiking Group

Lead: Nancy Link

Secretary: Geoffrey LaForce

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Who we are: 

Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual 

If you are looking for authentic and meaningful conversation while hiking- that’s the goal. Every month the Unity Hiking group will plan a brisk less than 5-mile walking hike in the Puget Sound area that incorporates prayer, guided walking meditation, and other topics/ activities that help foster genuine connection and intellectual stimulation. We encourage participants of every age and physical abilities that wish to join us! If hiking is not your thing but you wish to be out in nature, tag along - we can always use carpool drivers and there can be a group that holds down the fort at "base camp" for the hike. Connecting with nature and others around you.

• Physical: When you feel physically rejuvenated, you naturally feel more uplifted on a mental and spiritual level. Walking on different terrains, pushing through steep inclines, and climbing promote cardiovascular fitness and endurance. 

• Emotional: Being in natural surroundings can help you obtain a different perspective on any problems you may currently be dealing with or worrying about.

• Social: Soul experiences often include feelings of being connected to others. Hiking with a group can provide social benefits that enhance or promote benefits for your soul. 

• Spiritual: Hiking can help you connect with your idea of the Divine. You become aware of your soul's intention to connect with something larger than itself by sensing the majesty and wonder of nature. 

Scheduled Hikes (more information to come):

March 9th - Ellis Cove, 10:00am

April 13th - Ranger Hole, 8:30am

May 11th - Big Creek State Park, 8:30am

June 8th - Emma Falls, 10:00am

July 13th - Lake Sylvia, 8:30am

July 27th - Mt. Rainier (wild flowers), 8:00am

August 10th - Millersylvania, 10:00am

August 23th - TBA

September 14th - Mima Mounds, 10:00am

October 12th - Staircase, 8:30am

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