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A Positive Path

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Unity of Olympia is solely supported by the generosity of our donors. If you find value in these videos, please consider making a financial contribution.  

The Four Agreements - Don't Make Assumptions

The Four Agreements - Don't Take Anything Personally

The Four Agreements - Be Impeccable with Your Word

Moana - Our True Selves | Star Wars - Transformation

Moana - Facing Your Challenges | Star Wars - Staying True to Yourself?

Moana - Take Your Power Back | Star Wars - What is My True Identity?

Moana - Divine Intervention | Star Wars - Ready or Not

Moana - Restore the Heart: Important Decisions | Star Wars: Faith or Fear?

Moana - Restore the Heart: What's Mine to Do | Star Wars: What's Mine to Do

Moana - Restore the Heart, Perspective | Star Wars: What Gets in the Way

Finding Nemo - A New Way of Being | Star Wars: You Are Looking Right At It!

Finding Nemo - The Power of Love | Star Wars: The Force of Our Feelings

Finding Nemo - Keep On Swimming | Star Wars: A New Hope - Are things really as they appear?

Finding Nemo & Star Wars

Finding Nemo & Star Wars

The Brain and Breathing & Happiness

A Restful Routine II & Connection

A Restful Routine & Our Dark Side

A Mindful Plan II & Beauty in the Pain

A Mindful Plan & Both Sides of the Story

My Mindful Body & Courage

Gratitude Paper Chains & World of Friends

Reflect with Heart & Belly Breaths & Our Inside Universe

Blowing Bubbles & Safety Within

Mindful Eating & Balance

Planting Seeds & Becoming Your True Self

Caring Scrapbook & The Magic in Me

Hug Yourself & Experience Reflection

Going With the Flow & Beauty in What You See

Yawn to Reset & Forgiveness

Breathing Buddies & Helping Others

Change - Stop, Practice & Our Gifts to the World

Mindful Walking & Overcoming Obstacles

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