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One of the values we hold as Unity of Olympia is our commitment to service. This is one of the cornerstones of our community.

There are many ways that you can be involved through our Volunteer | Sacred Service programs.  Our service teams and fellowship groups are a great means for building deeper connections. Contact our Community Coordinator to learn more.

Adult Spiritual Education 

Ensures a diversity of regularly scheduled educational opportunities encouraging personal and spiritual development and growth of church members and the community.

Audio/Visual Team 

Provides audio and visual support for Unity of Olympia.

Community Coordination

Facilitates the shared ministry of the spiritual community. Act as the connection between community members, their gifts and passions, and the opportunities to serve available to them.

Unity of Olympia Council

Grounded in Spirit, we the Council of Unity of Olympia act with integrity and compassion in support of the Sacred Goodness of all.

Facilities & Maintenance Team

Provides oversight for improvements to and the continuous renewal of the buildings and infrastructure, seeking to provide beauty and safety, and to protect our investment.

Flowers & Beauty Team

Provides Sunday morning Celebration Service altar flowers and participates in any decorating event that needs to be scheduled throughout the spiritual year.

Hospitality Team

Enhances community relationships by providing an opportunity for fellowship and connection following the Sunday morning Celebration Service.

Landscaping Team

Provides oversight for the continuous maintenance of and improvements to the grounds including yards, landscape areas and forested areas, seeking to provide beauty and safety.

Library Team

Maintains a lending library for members and guests of Unity of Olympia.

OU Men's Fellowship

Provides a safe environment for Unity men to express and explore their spirituality while expanding social & service opportunities through the church.

Music Ministry

Provides an opening for Spirit to uplift and inspire the participants of all Celebration Services through creative, expansive and harmonious music.

Platform Assistants

Provides support to the minister and the community before and during the Sunday morning Celebration Service and the Christmas Eve Service.

Prayer Team

Promotes the Prayer Life of Unity of Olympia.

Prosperity & Stewardship Team

Maintains the fiscal well-being of Unity of Olympia by keeping accurate financial records, documentation, and systems.


Purpose: Facilitate personal and spiritual development and growth of church members and the community through SpiritGroup engagements.

Spiritual Explorers

A book study group providing a safe place to explore spiritual beliefs and religious history in a variety of traditions, providing an avenue for spiritual unfoldment.

Ushers & Greeters Team

Provides logistical support for the Sunday morning Celebration Service in a prayerful manner.

Welcome Team

Creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Youth & Family Ministries

Provides support and education of children and families of all ages. Through the teachings of Unity, the Bible, and other educational/spiritual sources, we enhance character education for each child/teen to help foster good choices and healthy relationships with themselves and others. Additionally, through music, stories, arts and crafts, children and teens learn about the world around them from a spiritual point of view.

Upcoming Events

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